Artist Statement

Photography and design change the way society views the world. Every product, media, or idea starts with a photograph, design, package, or commercial. Design calls us together and allows for global connection through social media. Designs cause inspiration, forming ideas from colors, type, flow, and illustration. They inform us where we begin and how to get where we need to be. They call us to take action: whether it guides us towards the most beautiful music drawn out on every note, or invites us to think deeper about earth conservation. I want to create tangible ideas using design. As I designer, I aspire to craft concepts that affect the way an average advertisement is viewed. I want to create art from perceptions and trends from history, the present, and beyond. With photography, I aim to capture to world as honestly and as artistically as possible.

With my degree, I would like to design commercially with either a design firm or as an in house designer. It would be fascinating to create commissions for album and tour posters for bands, and film and theater posters. My foremost influences are Aaron James Draplin, Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh, Peter Behrens, Lucian Bernhard, Art Chantry, and Jeff Kleinsmith. I strive to use unique type, thick lines, and bold shapes in my work to make a statement and inspire ideas, connections, and artistic vision.

My photographic style subscribes to the policy of photographers Robert Capa, Mary Ellen Mark, Alec Soth, and Henri Cartier Bresson. Robert Capa, known for his photographs of the D-Day invasion, is cited saying “[i]f your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” I believe that by being close, both emotionally and physically to the subject, allows for an intimate view of the meaning and philosophy of the subject. Mary Ellen Mark draws inspiration from those on the fringes of society who would otherwise not be photographed. She makes a difference in their lives, a goal I strive to reach as well. Additionally, Henri Cartier Bresson photographs in the “decisive moment,” or the moment that the photo was meant to be taken. The philosophy of waiting for the perfect moment makes for a more diligent and patient photographer.

I am very fortunate to apply my passion for art and design towards my career. This path extends many opportunities to inspire, connect, serve, and call action. Moreover, I seek to create a lasting impact for others through my art.